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Family Love exists in support of individuals who are rehabilitated and recently released from incarceration. Family Love supports basic needs by providing opportunities in which you can be successful going forward. Ones' PAST does not dictate ones' PRESENT, the need for reentry support is needed now more than ever...


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Who are Family Love:

We are a newly formed nonprofit called Family Love. We are currently self supported but in the infancy stage of fundraising. However, currently our focus isn't on the monetary aspects our focus is to educate taxpayers pertaining to the "status quo", that being the continuation of simply warehousing people. We believe the state's resources should be and could be used in a much more productive area. Areas such as returning men and women to society equipped with the tools to succeed and be productive tax paying citizens.

 We also work with a few re-entry communities that you may already know. Living beyond the bars, as well as Inside Out. I'm sure you all know Doren and Mike. We plan to continue those efforts along with our own efforts to use the statewide re-entry guide to help people that are currently incarcerated as well as those beginning the process toward re-entry. We also do the best we can to make ourselves available to find information that anyone might be looking for. Currently we have volunteers that have very good computer skills and can often find things. So, if you have questions or concerns, or information we can look up for you please just let us know. We will do the best we can to find you an answer. 

It is important to note that we are attempting to build a positive working relationship with not only the DOC but all state entities. Please do not ask us to break the rules as we are trying to help all people!. We also have some long-term goals. One of which is to have housing in each of the eight judicial districts within the state of Iowa. We plan on working with the DOC on a professional basis but we do not want money from them or to be governed by them. That being said, we not only desire a good working relationship, but we need one with the DOC to ensure our success and hopefully assist some with diversion programs. 

As we know, often a new start in a new town could make a huge difference.  This is just one talking point that we stand firmly on.

What we feel makes us stand out, is that nearly everyone involved in Family Love, Board of Directors included, either has been in prison or has loved ones that have been in prison. We have been part of the system firsthand in one way or another. We also have some resources to help your loved ones on the outside as far as education on what people are going through while they are incarcerated. Most loved ones of incarcerated individuals honestly have no idea what's going on inside. 

In closing I would just like to say that we are new at this and a very very small organization. We do have friends and connections throughout the state. Prayerfully we can follow God's will and do what needs to be done. While we are strong in our faith, we are not faith based and are not trying to push anything on anyone. We simply wish to help incarcerated individuals and their families. While fulfilling a mission that we feel God has bestowed on us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully helping you in a productive and God-honoring way. You have just been prayed for. 

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Your friends at Family Love.

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